Building Control is an integrated company for building automation and security systems situated in Thessaloniki. The vision of Building Control is creating buildings with the minimal energy requirements and the maximum flexibility in adapting to customer needs. Conventional automation has achieved to offer to a greater or lesser extent the local control of various systems, but never until now the integrated control, the ability of integration of different systems and the flexibility to adapt to customer needs that can be differentiated through time.

Building Control was established by qualified electrical engineers with 15-year experience and scientific knowledge in the fields of home / industrial automation and security systems.

Purpose of Building Control is to introduce and implement innovative solutions and methods of building automation KNX (Instabus) / BMS to the market, maintaining in the same time strategic partnerships with the most reputable technology companies on the market.

Basic as well as perennial goal of the company, is to provide services for design, programming and commissioning of systems able to meet the modern market requirements, systems guaranteeing the savings through optimum operation of buildings, applying management technologies of integrated control (BMS) of different disciplines such as lighting, heating, cooling, shading, communications, entertainment and security.

The systems offered by our company find application in residential buildings, office building complexes, hotels, banks, supermarkets, medical centers, museums, laboratories, industrial sites, hospitals, multiplex entertainment (cinema, shopping centers), underground garages.

Building Control, recognizing the trends in the field of building automation, has completed a range of high-end residential properties, as well as many public / private buildings, having certified for installation of KNX (Instabus) and Clipsal (C-bus). Building Control company collaborates with the major manufacturers of these systems such as the Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Jung, and many other smaller manufacturers that provide more specialized products compatible with KNX technology.

The company, offering the most modern equipment and highly trained personnel in the safety sector, undertakes highly demanding and particularly complicated projects. Building Control has the exclusive representation in Greece for the Irish firm access systems ACT, and is authorized installer of security systems for the companies Technoalarm (Italy), Texecom (UK), Paradox (Canada) and Magal (Israel).

In the same time, Building Control collaborates with the two largest organizations in security services in Greece, Group4 and Hermes SA , for the provision of security services to its customers.

The team of Building Control consists of two qualified engineers in Electrical Engineering, one Automation Engineer and two Engineering Technology engineers, fully trained on site. Investing constantly in the expansion of knowledge and the ongoing technological evolution of equipment, Building Control always aims to be at the cutting edge of technology with the prospect to be included within the future market leaders.

–     The company’s human resources personally attends all projects, always proposing flexible automation solutions, solutions that have been applied by us in the past and their functionality is proven, so that the end user does not entangle with technical details and individual analyzes.

–     We can prevent or reduce the incorrect installation and wiring work of the project.

–     Taking into account all aspects of implementation and programming of operating scenarios of our systems, we provide a smooth and proper functioning of the services required in each application.

–     Based on our knowledge and experience, we provide complete solutions, not partial problem troubleshooting, creating financial / technical bids approaching the final solution and preventing the hidden parts of a project with the help of our individual partners.

–     Our experience ensures the completion time of a project.

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