• The products and services that we provide the recent years ensure:

Absolute control of the electrical installation in your building.
Ease of management of the electromechanical works of the system.
Security of human resources and constant system operation.
Energy savings.
Easy future scalability of the system with little cost.

  • KNX (Instabus) – C-bus (Clipsal) Systems: «Smart Home» – Complete control system of a residence or a building.

Integrated design, supervision, installation and programming, to ensure the optimal use of energy resources and providing comfort to the operation of the various systems of the building. Implementation of local and decentralized control systems that provide to the user the ability of visualization and management of central lighting, shading (shutters, blinds, awnings) , door control , remote control devices, implementation of automation scripts, cooling, heating, security systems, entertainment and communications.

  • Boiler Rooms Automation: Management of geothermal systems, valves, solar systems.
  • Alarm Systems: Analog & Addressable

Full coverage with digital alarm systems, for security against burglary and robbery.

  • Perimeter Security (Alarm Systems): Microwaves, Active Infrared, Laser, Fence supervision.

High quality security systems to protect the perimeter of the plot. Depending on the security level desired, there are available technologies and techniques to protect the perimeter, as well as the plot from infringement.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): Digital recording & Image transfer.

High quality analog and network digital cameras (MegaPixel HD).

Recording systems in high resolution image (Full D1) and fast image transmission through networks (LAN, WAN, GPRS, 3G), Motion Detection Systems (Analytics), Infrared lighting technology

  • Call Centers
  • Access Control Systems: Standalone & Networked, Lift management.

All card technologies (Magnetic, RFID, Mifair), Long range readers (up to 13 meters).
Remote receivers, distinguishing per user. Biometric Readers (Fingerprint, Vein).

  • Fire Extinguishing Systems: FM 200, Inergen, CO2
  • Fire Detection Systems: Analog & Addressable

Smoke detectors, temperature change based, open flame, gas.
Infrared beam to cover large areas (e.g. warehouses).
Analysis of air quality (Early Fire Warning).

  • Implementation of hybrid automation and security systems: Complete building automation systems that integrate specific applications with the use of programmable logic controllers (PLC).
  • Electrical installations and Structured Cabling according to specifications.
  • Special Safety Constructions: Bulletproof Booby Traps, Metal Detectors.

Interlock Systems for access to buildings together with various accessories according to requirements, such as metal detector, access control system, face recognition.

  • Special Lighting: Lighting with power LED

Cooperation with companies manufacturing lamps and lighting fixtures with LED technology.
Xenon high performance outdoor headlights, Fixtures for street lighting.
Standard building LED lighting, controlled from DMX network consoles.
Control of architectural lighting systems with respective controllers.


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